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Timekeeper Instructions - Girls Lacrosse

The game will be timed in 2 halves of 20 minutes each for U15, U13, and U11 Divisions. The game will be timed in 4 quarters of 10 minutes each for the U9 Division.  Start the game clock on the umpire’s whistle for the Draw to begin each half or period. Let time run until the first whistle inside of the last 2 minutes of play of the period. From that time on, except for U9, stop the clock on all umpire’s whistles and restart the clock on the whistle restarting play. Time will continue to run after goals except in the last 2 minutes of play when it will stop on the umpire’s whistle signifying a goal and restart with umpire’s whistle for the subsequent Draw. The clock will run continuously for U9 games except for called Time Outs by an umpire.

Please stop the game clock on a Time Out signal from an umpire (crossed arms overhead). Umpires can signal for a stopped clock for a variety of situations including a time out, injury time out, equipment problem, request for a stick check, administration of a Yellow/Red card, etc. Restart the clock in these situations when the umpire restarts play with his/her whistle.

Tell the umpire closest to you on the field when 2 minutes remain in the half or period, and announce the remaining time every 30 seconds thereafter to the umpire. COUNT THE FINAL 10 SECONDS OUT LOUD AND SOUND THE HORN ON “0".

Although unlikely, determine whether there is a visible clock for fans (like a permanent scoreboard). Usually, the official clock in a women’s lacrosse game is maintained at field level for ease of administration and communication with game officials. If a clock is displayed at another location, it may be best to stop that clock at the 2 minute mark and announce to the audience that the official time is being kept at the scorer’s table. Please disconnect any automatic horn that might sound with the scoreboard clock if it inadvertently goes to 0:00.

Yellow Card penalties: Any player who receives a Yellow Card will be excluded from play for 3 minutes of running game time. You should assist the official scorer by giving him/her the time reading at the penalty to mark in the scorebook. If less than 3 minutes remain in the period, the player’s time exclusion continues into the next half or any overtime period. If possible, please help the official scorer and notify the coach of the penalized player when her time exclusion is up.

If the umpire asks you, please time team Time Outs. The time permitted is 2 minutes from when all the players are gathered together on the sideline with normal pace. Sound the horn when 1:45 has elapsed.

You may also be asked to time the halftime. If so, the umpires will tell you how long to make it (usually 5 or 10 minutes), (for U9 - 2 minutes between quarters and 5 minutes between halves). Sound the horn when 1 minute remains.

You might inquire and inform the umpires and coaches of any special rules of the league or age division.

Timekeeper Instructions - Boys Lacrosse

1. The first rule is that all games start and finish on time.


2.  All games are running time.  The Clock only stops for time outs or when indicated by the referee for an injury.


3. All penalties are stop time.  The penalty clock starts and stops on the whistle.  Unexpired penalties will carry over to the next quarter/half.  Penalties may be released upon a goal being scored – check with the referee before releasing any penalty.


4. There are 2 minutes between quarters and five minutes between halves.


5. Two minute rule.  For divisions in which this rule applies (all but U9 games), the game clock will stop and start on the whistle in the last two minutes of the final quarter and any overtime period.  For example: if the ball goes out of bounds at the 1:59 mark and the whistle is blown, the clock stops and restarts on the whistle, however, if the ball goes out of bounds at the 2:01 mark and the whistle is blown, the clock continues to run.  If the slaughter rule is in effect (five goals for boys), the non-winning coach may opt to play running time for the final two minutes of the game.


6. Sudden Victory.  If there is overtime, the first goal ends the game.  If no goal is scored during the period, the game is a tie.


7. Time Out.  Time outs are two minutes.





Game Time

Time Outs

2 Minute Rule Applies During





12 minute Quarters


2 per half per team


Fourth Quarter and overtime


One four minute sudden victory period, no time outs




10 minute Quarters


2 per half per team


Fourth Quarter and overtime


One four minute sudden victory period, no time outs




10 minute Quarters


2 per half


Per team


Fourth Quarter and overtime


One four minute sudden victory period, no time outs




10 minute Quarters


1 per half


Per team